How to Keep a Relationship

Every relationship is never perfect and there will never be one. It’s up to the both you on how you’ll make it work and keep everything together. But remember that a good lasting relationship takes patience, understanding and a lot of time to make it work. – Hatsuharu

                 Finding someone to fall in love with is easy nowadays and it makes falling out of love much easier. But if two souls really love each other, no matter how rough the road is and how many boulders they will encounter, they will continue protecting each other hearts and endure all the hardships. They will try to fix the cracks and start over. They will compromise and even sacrifice because they know that they’re love is worth all the troubles.

However, love is not the only thing that will allow you to keep the relationship going. Here are some other things to remember to have a good lasting relationship.


It is true that it is way easier to fall in love that it is to trust someone. It is something that you and your significant other builds together as the relationship grows. When you are in a relationship, you’re entrusting your heart to your partner and feel safe about it physically and emotionally.

  • Stay faithful. The relationship will deteriorate as soon as one of you is not loyal. Staying faithful only proves that you really love your significant other. Because if you really love a person, you won’t look for someone else to be with.
  • Do not lie. This is a vital thing that everyone should remember. Trust is about being consistent with your words and actions. It’s being honest. And if you can’t do that and keep on doing things that might hurt your partner then lie after, then you won’t be able to build trust in your relationship. Doubts and worries will soon drown the both of you that can lead to unnecessary breakup.
  • Do not keep secrets. To build trust in the relationship, you should be open to your partner. Hiding things from your significant other is the same thing as lying. You should always be honest and upfront when it comes to things that concern the both of you and your relationship. Just always remember that no secret can remain hidden forever.
  • Be reliable. No matter what you do or how busy you get, let your significant other feel that he/she can always count on you.


Commitment is very important in a relationship. Without it, trust will not take root and love will wither. When you are committed, it means you have a deeper attachment to your relationship. It makes a relationship stronger and healthier. It also creates a sense of safety and security and a better understanding of how important you are to your significant others.

  • Be open. Both of you need to see your good and bad sides. There should be openness between the two of you that will allow you to understand each other better even if there’s a lot of changes going on in your relationship.
  • Plan together. When you’re committed, you think of your future together. Either when to finally settle down and build a family, buy a house or what career to take.
  • Share the expenses. It is only fair that both of you share all the expenses in your relationship. It is unacceptable to let your partner do all the spending while you just benefit from it. Talk with each other who pay for this and who pays for that.


Many time life gets busy and you get exhausted. But this shouldn’t be a hindrance of being able to spend your time with your significant other. It is true that work or study is a priority nonetheless but being in a committed relationship, spending time with your partner is very essential. It not just provides a sense of security but also a sense of importance that every partner needs to feel.

  • According to Dave Willis: Time is the currency of relationships. There’s no way to invest into a relationship without investing your time.
  • Spending your time with your partner doesn’t really require you to go out. You can just have coffee or tea together. Watch a movie on Netflix or other streaming sites. You can also just watch your significant other play a game on his computer or just beside your partner while reading a book.
  • Bond is really important in any kind of relationship. And the easiest way to form a strong romantic bond is to spend time together. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a date or travel, just be together doing the simplest of things.
  • Remember that time is vital in every relationship. Giving your significant other a portion of your time is literally sharing a part of your life.


How do you define effort in relationship? It is simply the things that you do. Either it’s bad or good, it always go back to how much effort you’re putting into your relationship.

  • Know your partner. Usually the getting to know each other part of every relationship is at the very first few weeks or months from the time you started dating. That’s the reason why sometimes you forget to get to know your significant other even more while the relationship progress. You tend to assume that you already know him. Remember that you only get to know a person deeper when you spend time with him and you put enough effort to really know him.
  • Putting an effort in a relationship looks like communicating, spending time with your partner, being true to your commitments and just being honest. You might even need to compromise and sacrifice sometimes.
  • Remember that the best gift in a relationship is really being loyal to your partner. Being loyal to your significant other means you really love the person so much that you would want to spend your time with him/her every time you get a chance. You will also stay true to your words and commitments and always be there in all the ups and downs.


Do you take each other for granted? I hope not. Appreciation in a relationship in a daily basis or every chance you get is really important. Everyone wants to be appreciated with whatever kind and amount of effort they put into the relationship.

  • Notice the little things. You should always appreciate even the little things that your partner does. Whenever he cooks food for you, clean the house, do the laundry and all other chores. It is important to always appreciate the little things he does for you and your relationship. Thanks him and give him a kiss on the cheek.
  • Giving your partner a gift every now and then is good. You can also have random dinner dates when both of you are free and the budget permits. Or you can just cook you lover’s favourite dish and share a bottle of wine together.
  • Use what your partner gives you. Either it’s something so small, show appreciation by using the things that your significant other bought for you. A watch, a pair of shoes, a pen, a shirt or something that you can really use daily. Putting them aside and not using them is a big no. Is it not good enough for you? Don’t be materialistic in a relationship. It is something that you have to let go of.
  • Say thank you and give compliments. It’s one of the best way to show appreciation to your partner. Thank him and give compliments sincerely.


No matter how hard it is to keep a good lasting relationship, two souls who truly love each other will always get the flag and win against all the trials and trouble they will face. Keeping a relationship isn’t easy but working together and being open to each other will make it easy for you to cross the rough roads and push all the boulders aside.

23 Replies to “How to Keep a Relationship”

  1. Effective advice to those who wants a committed relationship….most often relationships end because of most ridiculous reason….tips like these help guys like me 🙂

  2. Relationships can be so hard yet so rewarding at the same time. Your thoughts and tips are right on point!

  3. Be open for communication regardless your distance. Nowadays there is no valid excuse not to be connected unless you dont want to.

  4. You are spot on when you say to notice the little things. So many of those go un-noticed and unappreciated.

  5. These are some really great tips ! I am passing this on to my best friend that has been on and off again with her boyfriend. Sometimes it good to hear advice for a third unbiased person, so thanks !!

  6. I love how you made “stay faithful” #1
    And i guess another importance aspect is to not take for granted the other one.

  7. As someone that has been married for 14 years I completely agree with this advice. Trust and communication are what keeps your marriage going through the hard times!

  8. I always found trusting someone else, especially a guy super difficult to do but I agree that being honest with each other and showing both your good and bad sides good to do. That is the best way of preserving the relationship.

  9. I try to give my fiance tiny presents once in a while and I always offer a massage once in a while. He does the same and there’s definitely work involved, but it’s the kind of work that you don’t mind because you love the person.

  10. This is such a good read. I enjoyed reading post like this. Agree that time, effort, appreciation are some important factors to work on by couples for a fulfilling relationship.

  11. I disagree with the secrets part. My mother told me years ago that a few secrets are the way to keep things interested and mysterious. She’s been married for 54 years and I am working on 22 years, so I think it works.

  12. Great advice! I completely agree with making time for each other. If you don’t spend quality time together, you don’t have anything at all.

  13. Great tips to hold close to our hesrts. I will add respect. I see lots of relationships where there is such disrespect between the couples. They laugh it off but, over time, it takes its toll. We can’t be in a relationship with people we dont respect.

  14. This is awesome information on how to keep a relationship. It is so important to have trust in any relationship as well as commitment. Time spent with that person is so important too even if it is just watching the other play a game or just watching a movie together at home. Thanks for sharing the information.

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