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Japanese dishes are so good that you can’t stop craving for them – ramen, gyoza, sushi, sashimi and a lot more. Good thing, my boyfriend and I have a mutual love for these dishes!

We really wanted to visit a place called Dohtonbori together at SM North Edsa since last year. But we never had a chance to try it out because of our busy schedules at work and school. Besides, it is always packed with people and the lines are long every time we’re at the mall.


Dohtonbori is a Japanese restaurant that specializes with Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) and they surely didn’t disappoint. They have so much things to offer like ramen, yakiniku, katsu and teppanyaki. Unfortunately, they don’t serve sushi in here. But remember that Japanese cuisines are not all about sushi.

We finally got a chance to try Dohtonbori when we were at SM North Edsa. We were at the mall just to visit the bank and get some stuff done. And when we’re all good, my boyfriend asked me if I want to see a movie or eat. And since we haven’t had any breakfast yet, we decided to just grab a bite. And that’s when we chanced to visit the place with a small crowd.


They usually shout some kind of Japanese greeting whenever some guests are coming in or leaving the place. But that didn’t happen to us when we arrived. It wasn’t a big deal to me anyway.


The place gives you a great Japanese ambiance. The interior is modern with lowered and regular tables. The decoration has traditional touches and Japanese art. We got a table with a flat grill at a part of the restaurant where you can sit on the floor like Japanese. And they asked us to take off our shoes. It’s like we’re really in a Japanese restaurant in Japan.

He’s excited for his Mixed Okonomiyaki.
And since Okonomiyaki is their specialty, my boyfriend ordered Mixed Okonomiyaki (flour, cabbage, squid, pork, octopus, tempura bits, egg, red pickled ginger, spring onion), Chicken Shio (six small slice of chicken sprinkled with pepper and spring onion) and two extra rice while I decided to try their 3 Meat Okonomiyaki (beef, pork, chicken, tempura bits, red pickled ginger, spring onion, egg, cabbage and Okonomiyaki paste) and Katsu-don (a deep-fried, panko-breaded pork cutlet with egg over rice.

3 Meat Okonomiyaki.
Mixed Okonomiyaki
We didn’t take the easy way and let the staff cook our food. We decided to do all the cooking by ourselves (but you can still ask the server to cook them for you if you’re not sure on what to do).


My boyfriend started cooking the chicken shio while were waiting for the other orders.  The next thing they served were the bowl of ingredients for the Mixed and 3 Meat Okonomiyaki.


I was pleased and amused with the whole cooking process of Okonomiyaki. It is not complicated at all. All we had to do was mixed all the ingredient together and the pour the content on the pan. We divided the Okonomiyaki into four servings instead of just making a big one – this made it easier for us to flip them once we need to. Then, all we got to do was wait.

While we’re waiting for our Okonomiyaki, we started eating the Katsu-don and the chicken shio. Katsu-don comes in a big serving. It’s flavorful and filling. While the chicken shio is something I won’t be ordering next time we visit the place again. Not that it’s not good, but it lacks flavor.

Okonomiyaki is ready to serve!
After a few more minutes, our Okonomiyaki were ready and it was chow time! And the dish is superb and tasty. You’ll enjoy how the new flavor plays with your taste buds. It’s really good to quiet down my growling stomach. It exceeded my expectation since it’s my first time eating Okonomiyaki.

And I want to commend them with how attentive and approachable the staffs are. You can get anyone’s attention and they will attend to you right away (except the part when we’re getting out bill).

All in all, it was awesome experience. With the interior’s set up, it feels homey and inviting. Though at first I thought it’s going to be expensive but their price is really reasonable. I also want to try their ramen, yakisoba and the other dishes they are offering.

It is surely a place worth going back to.
– Hatsuharu

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  1. I looove okonomiyaki!!
    I especially like it in winter as it is so nice to sit next to the hot grill when it’s freezing outside. 🙂
    Now you tried it at the restaurant you could totally make it at home. 🙂

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