Improve Yourself Better Each Day

Six Ways to Improve Yourself Better Each Day

In life, there are a lot of ways to improve yourself to make yourself better each day. A lot of people have tried and tested it, and it shows effectivity and efficiency to your daily life in the long run. (1) Exercise Your Mind Every day Wake up every day … Continue reading “Six Ways to Improve Yourself Better Each Day”

Becoming a Real Gamer

As a person who always plays¬†games from consoles, smartphones, and computers, I can consider myself as a gamer. From the Final Fantasy Series, Fire Emblem Series, Shin Megami Tensei¬†installations, or even Pokemon and much more, I have played hundreds and thousands of gameplay from different games. Sometimes to the point … Continue reading “Becoming a Real Gamer”


It was back in 2008 when I first heard of the name Taylor Swift. I was reviewing then for an upcoming exam when her song Teardrops on my Guitar was playing on the radio. It was a beautiful song about being attracted to someone who is already interested in someone … Continue reading “MY MOST FAVORITE SONGS | TAYLOR SWIFT”

Koe No Katachi Movie Review

Just recently, Mr. Coffee and I had a movie date from a film that we were waiting for a long time. We had both read the manga and shared tears together reading it, and while waiting for it, we both wondered how the movie would go. Along with our questions … Continue reading “Koe No Katachi Movie Review”