Becoming a Real Gamer

As a person who always plays games from consoles, smartphones, and computers, I can consider myself as a gamer. From the Final Fantasy Series, Fire Emblem Series, Shin Megami Tensei installations, or even Pokemon and much more, I have played hundreds and thousands of gameplay from different games. Sometimes to the point that I repeatedly tried to get a hundred percent completion rate on each game that I have played. And there are more games that I have to play!

And ever since we became closer together, Mr. Coffee and I had been playing games together on our own. Examples of those are Ragnarok Online and Gunbound. Lately, he has been active in playing online games, especially with Ragnarok Online. And ever since then, he began playing a lot more online games.

But what is a Gamer?

A gamer is one who plays video games or participates in role-playing games. Some do it for a hobby, some do it as a stress reliever (but sometimes they provide more stress), and most of the times, people use it to grow more bonding moments with their loved ones. I for one play games as a hobby and as a means to cope up with the stress in life.

For me, the number of games you play does not mean that you are becoming a gamer. It is the passion to finish the whole game in a duration of gameplay. Some people play more than the healthy hours, some just play during their free time. Another is the perseverance to solve the certain complex puzzle that a game offers.

Another thing to note, gamers don’t just play casual games like Tetris or Clash of Clans. Don’t get me wrong, I also liked those games, and they are great. But sometimes, even though you played casual games for hours, doesn’t make you a true or real gamer. And it doesn’t mean that just because you bought a lot of things with real money for your games makes you a gamer too.

No. It is more than just that. I respect players who do that to their game. But what I respect most is those people who play games who don’t buy power-ups with cold cash but with their perseverance and wits to outsmart people who do the former.

Expensive Hardware?

For me, it is not about having an expensive hardware to be a gamer. You see, there are a lot of things you could find in Steam Workshop or on other sites that offer a free game that could be played on your computer. As for me, I use a computer that is already five years old from this writing. But I still enjoy and play a lot of games with it. The same goes for Mr. Coffee. Because for the meantime, he still wants to get the hang of playing complex games on his phone. In a sense, he is still trying and aiming to become one. And I am here for him to guide him in case he has some question regarding the one he is playing.

You just have just to be resourceful so that you can enjoy games that other people are playing. It doesn’t really need to have to be the “top of the brand” hardware for you to play a game. Sure, I may not have PlayStation 4 here in my pad, but I am just waiting for Final Fantasy XV to be released on PC so that I could buy it, and play it.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of games that you could play just by using your personal computer or your phone as there are emulators that you could find anywhere. You just have to use Google. Trust me, even old school games can be played. And it is still enjoyable to boot.

Just Enjoy the Game!

Finally, in becoming a true gamer. There is just one thing that he or she should do. And that is to enjoy each moment of the game. The stress, the emotions, the story, and the memory you have. Games are created to become a means for people to cope up with reality. To feed their fantasies. To discover new things. And to let their imaginations flow. And most of all, Gamers become a real gamer when they started to enjoy the game despite not having a great hardware or console or buying stuff with their money just to say that they are “gamers”

How about you? Are you on your road to become a gamer? Or a gamer yourself? Tell us your stories in the comment below and let us talk about it.

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