A Little Rant About Love

There’s so much about love that you don’t understand. And contrary to what the people say, love isn’t a game. It’s not about who’s the best and who isn’t. It’s not about losing or winning. Love is more complicated than that.

The moment you have learned about it, you started to get curious. You always wonder who would be that person who’ll give you the warm tingling sensation of flowing electricity, who’ll give butterflies in your stomach and especially make you feel wanted and loved.

You thought that the time would just come when you’ll meet that person eye to eye and everything would be a bliss. That is all you want. But the cosmos doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t come easy and that’s how it supposed to be.

Nothing is perfect. So understand that it won’t always play out in ways you want it to be. Love is not perfect and will never be. Because in love, there’ll be no easy way in or easy way out. It’s not just about who you fall in love with, when and why you fell in love, and how you fell out of it. It’s not just about the heartbreaks, the laughters, and the lessons. It’s not even about the relationships or the break ups, the loyalty or infidelity, the cause and the results.

Despite that, love is always going to be worth it. There’ll be regrets and tears. It’s not always going to be a clear sky every day. But there’s always going to be a rainbow after the heavy rain. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can always make the best of what you’re given.

No one said that love would be easy because it won’t. And though there’s so much about love that you don’t understand, it is always worth all the trouble.


23 Replies to “A Little Rant About Love”

  1. In my opinion, true love is something that few of others, only those that are spiritually enlightened, will ever know to its full extent. Being able to put someone else above yourself completely is something that requires a lifetime of work.

  2. I always feel so lucky to have met my husband because he made love simple and pure. I hate when love comes with too much drama. And now we both have love from our children as well!

  3. Nope, it is definitely not easy and every relationship takes work. It’s well worth it, though.

  4. I couldn’t agree more with you. Loving someone is not easy at all. It takes a lot especially when people are judging and cannot keep their opinions to themselves. However, it is so worth it in the end. <3

  5. Love this quote ‘love is not perfect’. I have never seen a perfect relationship ever and I do not thing one will ever exist. Every relationship needs work and that’s the beauty of it!

  6. I’ve always been told that love is not an emotion, it is a decision. Deciding to fight in the hard times and enjoy in the good times!

  7. I think it’s a lovely reminder for all of us that love can be painful but it’s also one of the best things that life has to offer. It can also be one of the best teachers since we learn so much from it as well.

  8. Thank you for posting this. With all the negative in the world it’s refreshing to read something positive and heart warming.

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