A Letter to Mr. Coffee

Dear Mr. Coffee,

Today marks our 7th month as partners (1/26/2017). It was never easy and I know that there will be times that we will have to argue about something. There will be times that we may have misunderstandings, and of course, there will be times that we might not get to see each other for a long period of time in a day, or weeks, or even months.

But know this, that you were one of the blessings that were given to me. You always light up my day everytime you smile. Your eyes that speak what was on your mind let me understand you better each day.

I know being with me sometimes is hard to deal with. Especially that I always wanted to be alone every now and then. But know this. I now wanted to be alone together with you, than be alone by myself. It is a sad world if I would do that, I realized. It also caught my mind that being alone with you when I feel not talking to people will help me feel that, somehow, I am not alone.

We have a lot of plans this 2017, and the years following. We have goals for us to meet in the future. And I want to accomplish them with you as much as possible. I want you to be there when the time comes that I will be graduating from Law School. Of course, I will be there to cheer on you at your Graduation at whatever course you wanted to take. But before graduation, I will make sure that I will always be there to help with your research, projects, and lessons that you might not remember.

I know and I can feel that you are the one. The one for me in eternity. I also know that I want you to be by my side when I get older. Our relationship might not be as beautiful as the others, but I guarantee you, that it will be as happy and joyful as those we see in the news, that despite being old, they are still together and love each other.

Always remember that your smile lifts up my world. Your voice makes me want to be with you, and your eyes that make me want to look at it at a long time.

No matter what your insecurities are at life, I am always here to tell you how beautiful your smile is, how lovely your eyes are, and how happy am I to have you. I can’t say that I am lucky, though. Because luck doesn’t have to do with why and how I love you. I define why I love you. Not because of the freckles you have, not because of your background, or whatnot. But, remember, I love you for your soul. I love you for your being you. And that will never change.

I remember the time when you said to me that I might be good at short term relationships? Maybe at the past yes, but not to you. I am determined to be with you until I retire. I am focused to be with you until we get old together. And most of all, I have a vision that we will be happy together until we reach the age of 100 and say together that, while holding hands, on our porch, watching the sunrise for a new day for us to love each other that,

“We made it”

Only yours,

Mr. Tea

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