5 Things to do to Enjoy a Stress Free Christmas Celebration

It’s already December and I can hear different Christmas tunes around. From the malls, the lobby of the condominium where we are staying, and finally, from the church. And one will see different Christmas decorations on the street! Beleive me when I say this, Christmas is colorful and happy, but there is one thing that can make your Christmas preparation stressful.

And the invitations for Christmas celebration in offices and in schools is just the start.

With a lot of things to do, it’s easy to let December become a stressful month. However, by reminding our self of these tips right now, we’ll continue the month relatively stress-free.

1.) Plan Everything

Need a gift for a co-worker for the office’s Christmas party? Same as in the school? Or a gift for the family members? Do not fret.

By planning ahead of time on what to buy and for whom this gift will go, you can save your time and money by going ahead of the Christmas rush. The same goes for the preparation of food. Plan ahead. What will be your contribution to the different Christmas parties here and there? What will your family eat for the Holliday? These are just some of the questions you have to consider when planning.

For me, I plan ahead of time every year and buy the necessary ingredients ahead of the time. At most, I buy my ingredients ten to fifteen days before Christmas Eve. And believe me, it saves me the time and stress to line up in the cashier, and to avoid the rush in the market, and ultimately, saving money.


2.) Shop Early

It’s still the early weeks of December. Have you finally figured out what ingredients and gifts to buy? Are these solid plans? Then go for it.

In these kinds of days of December, malls are starting to get packed each day Christmas is drawing to a close. It’s important to remember that you have to shop early if you want to have the best things in line.

For example, here in our location, malls open up at around 9 am to 10 am. My partner and I always choose to go the market in these opening hours. Why? People are still few and the cashier lines are short. It saves us time to choose whatever we want.

Choosing gifts too! We can get prospects on what to give to our family and to our friends in schools and offices.

3.) Simplified Christmas Decorations

What’s Christmas if you don’t have the decoration and style for it? Christmas trees and Christmas lights are one of the indispensable parts of Christmas. Laying out these decorations can be a hassle, especially in huge volumes of it.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In this modern era, I have been seeing the trend that less is more, and simplicity is more beautiful. And I must say that I approve of that idea. Plus, it saves money on the electricity bill too!

4.) Smile

One of the things that I love to hear, see and do. Smile.

Why? It relieves me of stress and it makes me look young. You see, smiling really has an effective positive thing in your body. Tired because you got caught in the traffic after your Christmas shopping? Smile. Long line in the cashier? Smile. Lack of budget? Smile.

Smiling can also be your stress management tool to keep you from breaking down because of the stress of the Christmas season. It is your weapon against all kinds of troubles in life. Put yourself some smile and infect the world of how to get rid of the negative sides of every celebration.

You see, effective stress management helps you break the hold stress has on your life so you can be happier, healthier and more productive, not only at work but also in life.
Thought For Today


5.) Record the Journey

Writing a journal has been giving me some good vibes lately and help me remember the events that happened on the day. Recording your day to day activity can help you which bits work and which plan didn’t help you in preparing for the holidays. It creates a big impact on what you will do, and what you can do next year too.

The more you can reflect on the things for preparing the Christmas season, the better you can handle the same situation next year.

So sit down with your loved ones, and talked about the plans on what kind of Christmas you are going to have.

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